Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life goes on

Another week comes to an end - what a strange few days and what a roller-coaster of emotions as we all begin to come to terms with losing Tony White - our dear friend and colleague.

The fine spring weather has enabled us to trade very strongly in the visitor business this week and the year-on-year growth remains impressive on the back of our "Buy one day - get 12 months free!" campaign. The daily visitor numbers are now being boosted by the returning annual pass holders and we hope the coming months will see them connecting strongly with Blenheim Palace and acting vocally across the County as our Ambassadors - we are delighted to have received such a strong response and the viral campaign seems to be gaining momentum as everyone realises there really is "no catch" and it is a great value added offer at a time when everyone is having to be that little bit more careful with what they spend, where they go, etc.

The week has seen good progress on negotiations and planning around film location work here in late April/early May - now looking very positive and hopefully will go to contract within a week or so - a "giant" of a film that should be good for us when it is released in Summer 2010.

We have also made good progress moving forward plans for an outdoor one day concert in June - the organisers are talking to potential artists to hopefully enable a launch early next month but they are leaving it late and their success (or it's success) will totally depend on the strength of their line-up when announced. Watch this space.

The weather forecast is good for the weekend so we hope for good numbers and we have sold-out for Mothers Day lunches in The Orangery - hopefully lots of families will enjoy Blenheim Palace and it's award winning gardens before the weather turns (and the snow returns - surely not!?!?) next week.

Life goes on and we all go about our roles in managing this wonderful Estate and doing our part to ensure it's long-term restoration, survival and growth - but everything is now tinged by the sobering reminder about how fragile our lives are and how we must live for today.

We will do that - but also with an eye on having to plan for tomorrow and the future.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't know Tony very well but he had a charming and warm personality that I won't forget. You don't meet many people like that in life.

March 26, 2009 at 12:35 PM  

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