Friday, July 17, 2009

The Blenheim Palace A-Z

A - Awesome, Annual Pass, Awards, Action, Amazing and Assured.
B - Big, Beautiful, Battle Proms, Britain's Greatest Palace, Bold, Books and Banquets.
C - Classic Cars, Class, Caring, Calm, Cool, Canapes, Concerts, Change, and Children.
D - Dam Dams, Dukes, Daddies, Dedication, Depth, Dynamism and Detail.
E - Excellence, Energy, Experience, Edge, Emotion, Events and Eventful.
F - Fun, Frustration, Flu, Families, Friends, Funding and Fabulous Food.
G - Gasping, Gardens, Gullivers Travels, Greatest, Graceful, and Groups.
H - Happiness, Honesty, Holidays, Heroes, Hampers, History and Humour.
I - Integrity, Industrious, Idyllic, Iconic, Invaluable, and Incomparable.
J - Jousting, Jaunty, Joy, Jumps, and Judgement.
K - Kids, Kiosks, Keen, Keys, Knowledge, and Kindness.
L - Links, Litter (not!), Lambs, Lakes, Languages, Lawns and Lens.
M - Music, Magic, Mesmerising, Manners, Mums, Margins, Memories and Moles.
N - Notable, Noise, Neighbours, Nations, Nature, and Numbers.
O - Organised, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Opportunity, Optimism, and Oaks.
P - Portraits, Palace, Politeness, Professionalism, Passionate, Publicity, and Portugal!
Q - Queues (not!), Questions, Quirky, Quotes, and Quality.
R - Realism, Rain, Rare, Receptive, Reflective and Remarkable.
S - Sunshine, Showers, Sharing, Scale, Schools, Staff, Scandal, Stunning and Symbolic.
T - Treasures, Traffic, Tourism, Touchable, Tastes, Tradition and Trust.
U - Unique, Unusual, Unparalleled, Unforgettable and Urbane.
V - Vision, Visibility, Vitality, Value, Vast, Vulnerable and Vocal.
W - World Heritage, Wonderful, Winning, Weddings, Walks and Woodstock.
X - Xmas, Xerox, Xylopia and XXXXXX.
Y - Yes, You, Youthful, Yew and Yield.
Z - Zeal, Zest and Zenith.

...... and you mave noticed that Portugal was slipped into the "P" line - off on holiday for a couple of weeks but hopefully Blenheim will enjoy unbroken sunshine and lots of visitors whilst I am away.

Will be in touch again soon.

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