Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunshine - please!

Computer at home is poorly so this update has had to be delayed into Monday - hopefully the engineers will soon get us fixed at home - something to do with the mother board (whatever that is!) and/or the power supply - as Tracy is going bananas without access to her emails!

Last week was incredibly busy - highlights included:

>> 8 of the 10 staff team briefings - each of an hour duration with lots of questions and feedback. Hopefully valuable and inspiring for all of those present - only Operations and Blenheim Hospitality to go - phew!

>> Delivered one of the Oxfordshire Economic Partnerhip monthly seminar's at Oxford Brookes on "Marketing and Managing Blenheim Palace" - pathetically small audience (which depressed me hugely) but I hope that those present felt it was worthwhile

>> Attended a managers meeting for the Treasure Houses of England - always valuable to sit around the table with colleagues/managers from the other 9 Treasure Houses - we all learn so much from each other.

>> Attended an Historic Houses Association/English Heritage dinner at the House of Lords - only a very select few present and very honoured to be invited as a guest of the HHA. Lots of interesting ground covered and hopefully relationships between these organisations will be even stronger going forward. Tourism and "our heritage" are rising up the political agenda - finally!

>> Attended an Oxfordshire 2012 Torch Relay committee as we try to understand the opportunities that may exist to get the torch relay into and through the County. Hopefully Blenheim Palace, as a world heritage site, and Iffley Road, as home to the first 4 minute mile, are strong assets in bidding for the torch relay - we shall have to wait and see!

.........and socially the week included:

>> Watching both my girls perform in the Stagecoach production of "Billy Elliott" on Friday evening - one was a ballet dancer and one was a policeman!

>> Watching (finally!) Avatar in 3D - what an amazing film!

>> Attending the Gala Finale Dinner of The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival in the Great Hall at Christ Church College and hearing Lynne Truss give a very entertaining after dinner speech. A wonderful evening - good food, good company and a stunning setting steeped in history.

>> Getting up at 2.30am on Saturday morning to get my daughter Annabelle to her school for 3.15am so that she could leave with her Chamber Choir colleagues to go off to Lisbon, Portugal for a short choir tour. Amazingly uncivilised time to depart - but Annabelle went off with a huge excited smile on her face and we look forward to welcoming her back home on Wednesday evening - no doubt tired but hopefully in one piece!

And so we are counting down to Easter and hopefully the weather will be kind to us as it is such a vital 4 day period that can set the tone for the whole year.

The forecast does not give rise to much optimism with talk of snow, etc but hopefully it will be dry and good fortune (and some sunshine) will favour us as everyone descends upon us to hunt for easter eggs at the Pleasure Gardens.

The "Hare-Brained Hunt" here at Blenheim Palace should be fun for all the family - come and join us!

Have a restful week and an enjoyable easter!

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Blogger Timothy Belmont said...

I viewed Avatar some time ago; curiously captivating film, wasn't it?

I'm going to see Clash Of The Titans tomorrow evening; the 3D 2010 version, that is!

I'm posting an article on my blog this afternoon about Garron Tower in Co Antrim, which Sir Winston inherited in 1921.

Perhaps the Duke might be interested?


April 2, 2010 at 4:26 AM  
Anonymous John Hoy said...

Thanks Tim

Hope you enjoyed 'Clash of the Titans' and that it lived up to your expectations - despite some fairly underwhelming reviews.

Interesting to read about Garron Tower - I think we have enough on our hands here at Blenheim Palace - but a nice thought.

Hope you had a good Easter


April 6, 2010 at 1:54 AM  

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