Friday, August 7, 2009


Apologies for the long silence but now back from a relaxing two weeks on the Algarve where the weather was glorious - hardly a cloud in the sky - sadly the same cannot be said for the weather back here!

Portugal was glorious and we had a great time enjoying time by the pool; time on the beach; wonderful restaurants; and time out a two very busy water parks! As I hurtled town the Torpedo ride at "Splash and Slide" head first on a small rubber mat (yes it does conjure an interesting image!) I did wonder whether I was losing my senses but I survived - as did my little girls who seemed to have endless energy for every ride in the Park - however fast, twisty, dark or dangerous. The Water Park experience is quite an eye-opener - a sea of flesh with every size and shape on view - but everyone relaxed, good humoured and having fun under the clear blue sky and hot sun. Shame that the English climate does not really support such outdoor Parks!

We travelled back last Saturday and it was a very smooth and efficient journey. We left where we were staying around 5pm and via Faro Airport and courtesy of Easyjet we were landed back at Luton by 11.30pm and home soon after 1am. Very convenient and a sensibly short flight to find such fantastic beaches and such reliable weather - I am a fan of Portugal and the Algarve as it ticks so many boxes - if the lottery numbers come up then I would certainly look to buy something out there so that we could go down there more frequently. If only .....!

Blenheim Palace has traded well during my two weeks away despite the weather being decidely iffy on many days - yet again powerful evidence of the strength of our "Buy One Day - Get 12 Months Free!" offer. Tracking life on a blackberry down on the Algarve is actually quite comforting as you know what is happening day-to-day, you can help/comment if needed, and you don't come back to any horrors or surprises - and even my wife now tracks her emails and messages on her blackberry throughout our time away so I feel less guilty!

We go into our second Jousting weekend of the year with the "Knights of Royal England" performing two displays each day for the next three days - together with falconry displays and other attractions including archery and face-painting - it comprises one of the strongest offerings for a great family day out. The weather forecast is encouraging so we hope for a busy weekend.

Beyond this weekend we have much to look forward to as we head towards our late Summer, Autumn and Christmas programme - so having returned fully refreshed from Portugal we look forward to continued successful trading and to seeing lots of our Annual Pass Holders returning on many occasions to enjoy everything on offer.

And if you were expecting a postcard - then it must be caught up in the Royal Mail dispute!

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